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Жанр RolePlay

IP Сервер Онлайн
Режим RolePlay Мод Freeroam/Roleplay/RPG/Reallife
Версия 0.3.7-R2 Карта San Andreas
Рекорд 22 игрок(ов) Рейтинг 10 голосов
Сайт Группа Отсутствует
A friendly SA:MP community of people who like play SA:MP - chill-out, kick-back an relax. ✌

The player-base of Republic Gaming is currently a mixture of both experienced and new role-players.

We aim to give everybody the opportunity to learn and develop.

We are not limiting people because of their status as a role-player.

We are always open to accept people who are having their first go at Freeroam/Roleplay in our server - there's something to learn from everybody.

A main goal of our community, however, is to provide a casual atmosphere for everyone.

(Chill out,kick-back and relax. No drama,no crying.)

In this server you can buy a car, house, business, join a faction like a gang (Grove Street Families, Front Yard Ballas, Varrio Los Aztecas, Los Santos Vagos) ,mafia (The Corleone Family), law (San Andreas Police Department) or just do in-game jobs to make money for living.

There are many types of jobs such as truck driver,bus driver,train driver,taxi driver,pizza delivery guy and more.

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Republic Gaming - Freeroam/Roleplay [SA:MP Mobile] (Сервер SA-MP)

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